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Our vision is an addiction free world.

Our mission is to break the cycle of addiction, with its related child abuse/neglect and family violence.


Prevention Partnership International (PPI) originated in 2001 in response to a request from Judge Len Edwards (now retired) in Santa Clara County, CA, Dependency Drug Court. Judge Edwards requested a program preparing families for reunification with their children, Celebrating Families!


PPI leadership had been developing programs since 1984 for children and their families dealing with substance use both in the US and internationally. Our programs specifically address the disruption of families due to substance use, family violence, and mental health disorders. PPI’s invaluable programs decrease the risk of child abuse and neglect and of the children repeating these cycles of addiction and violence. They provide parents and children skills to begin to heal, develop healthy living practices, and build healthy, non-violent relationships. 


The goal of PPI is to provide support for the whole family. Long-term results of family-skills programs, such as those created by PPI, show positive, sustained improvement in family and child management skills, as well as delayed initiation of substance abuse by children.


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