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SCRIPTS is a multi-modal, highly interactive classroom curriculum, for high school students, addressing alcohol, prescription, and illegal drug abuse. It consists of ten sessions of 50 minutes each. 


Session topics include: 

  • Addictive Substances in the Media

  • The Effects of Alcohol, Prescription and Illegal Drugs 

  • The Addiction Process 

  • The Impact of Alcohol, Prescription and Illegal Drugs on Emotions (including anger) 

  • The Impact of Alcohol, Prescription, and Illegal Drugs on Families

  • Their Impact on Friendships and Peers 

  • Student Decision Making, Choices, and Refusal Skills

  • Resources.


SCRIPTS contains additional recommended preparatory classes on classroom atmosphere (trust and rules), communication skills, and appropriate expression of feelings and defenses. 


The curriculum teaches:

  • Facts about the addicted brain, alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs

  • The influence of media and advertising on consumption

  • Assertive communication, including the use of “I” messages

  • Refusal skills

  • Where to turn for help


The SCRIPTS curriculum increases student knowledge of the impact of alcohol, prescription and illegal drugs on individuals, families and communities. It also increases their resiliency factors and their knowledge and use of healthy living skills. Outside evaluation showed that students demonstrated an increase in all of these categories at the completion of the class. 

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