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  • START                               

  • New START                     

  • YMAS series                    

  • Keys to Healthy Living   

  • SCRIPS                              

Pilot Curriculums: (see page on Seeking Pilot Sites for further information)

  • Celebrating Families! for Adolescents 

  • CF! 0-3 Parent Strengthening Lessons   

  • Intersession Lessons       

Supplemental Materials:

  • Parenting Young Children in Early Recovery – Set of six tips booklets. (For more information see Parenting Skills section in Resources.) 

  • Important Information & Essential Parenting Skills for Volunteers & Staff (For more information see Essential Information section in Resources.)

Trainings (at sites):

Trainings are available at your site (up to 25 people) on all curriculums. Due to the extensive use of role plays in all curriculums, training is highly recommended. (Role plays are fully scripted in curriculums.) Trainings are usually three days. Fees include CD with right to copy for use in organization.  CD contains the full curriculum and all related materials and handouts. Sites are responsible for: 

  • Copying and producing curriculum for all participants 

  • Providing site and food during training

  • Covering trainers travel expenses – transportation, lodging, meals. 


Technical Assistance & In-Services Available


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