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Office Of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP)

Celebrating Families!

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Recognizing the effectiveness of Celebrating Families!™(CF!) in serving families at high risk for child abuse/neglect and related substance use disorders, the California State Office of Child Abuse Prevention (OCAP) has awarded Prevention Partnership International (PPI) a four year $150,000, grant to (1) Identify, train and support agencies in California to provide CF! and (2) Establish the structure to continue expansion of CF! in the State. PPI has subcontracted with Community Solutions to lead this project. 

For more information or questions please contact Melissa Santos, 408-665-4818,  

RFQ will be available soon.

Celebrating Families!™(CF!) is provided throughout the United States by over 100 organizations, serving approximately 4,000/families/year and has been adapted for specific populations:

  • Spanish speaking families, ¡Celebrando Familias!

  • Native American families, Wellbriety Celebrating Families!™, in partnership with White Bison. 

  • Families with young children, ages birth through three. 


Celebrating Families!™ is unique. It is one of the few evidence based multi-family programs developed specifically for families dealing with substance use disorders and mental health challenges.  The program is distinctive as it: 

  • Serves the whole family: children from birth through 17, their parents and caregivers

  • Uses strength-based, trauma-informed strategies to increase healthy living skills 

  • Addresses substance use and mental health challenges in every session, helping parents/caregivers comprehend the critical importance for them of basic healthy behaviors, including routines, consistency, nutrition and sleep

  • Focuses on breaking the cycles of addiction and abuse/violence in families

  • Adapts teaching to be appropriate for families dealing with or at risk for child abuse/neglect, family violence, substance use disorders, learning differences and mental health challenges. 


The skill building program consists of 16 sessions for the whole family: children ages birth -17, their parents and caregivers. Each session begins with a family meal, followed by 90 minute age-appropriate instructional sessions, ends with a 30-minute family activity where families practice the skills they are learning. CF! was developed specifically for families dealing with or at high risk for a multiple problems: substance use disorders; multi-generational trauma; physical and mental health challenges; cognitive deficits due to trauma, genetics, or in-utereo exposure; and safety (child abuse/neglect and family violence). For more information see Celebrating Families!™  tab or  A chart of skills and information taught in CF!  and a session matrix are available upon request. 

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